Daily Illustration is an independent art project which was born in the head of russian designer Aleksey Butakov. The conception of the project is the way the author understands and interprets everyday news content from the Internet.
Made in original author’s style, illustrations have been published on this site almost every day from March 2009.
The project is gradually developing. Today, it is available both in Russian and in English and has tags for quick navigation and links to all news sources. It’s also possible to comment on illustrations.
Daily Illustration project is becoming famous in professional field of design. It was reviewed by such well-known web-sources as DesigncollectorDesignerblog and F5 ranking several times inside the Top 10 best russian web-sites.
Moreover, in December 2009 Daily Illustration won a silver prize in category of “Media design” at VII International Biennale of Design “Modulor-2009”.

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