There are people who perceive food solely as nutrition. And then there are those who consider food a pleasure; to them it is a ritual, and something more substantial. Their world is richer, brighter... and tastier! They discern the nuances of each flavor. Therefore to them, bread is not just a supplement, but a dish in its own right. 
First demo-part storyboard draft
VO: For those who discern between the deep flavor of the Norwegian and the salty Atlantic...
Who can take apart the flavor of the Spanish and the Greek...
And feel the most subtle difference between the Dutch and the Swiss...
All the richness of the multi-grain Fazer bread is for you...
each piece a unique combination of whole grain, select seeds and sweet herbs.
Experience true gustatory delight  with a bread delicacy.
From the Fazer flavor collection
Art Director Alexey Butakov
Copywriter Tatyana  Kucherova
Creative Director Dmitri Makarov
Production: HotShotFilms
Director&DOP Ronald Koetzier

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